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In the southern Gion pleasure quarter,

where the elegant charm of Kyoto flourishes,

somehow you are bound to come across

incense from Niimi



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The smell of incense has been known since ancient times to ease the mind of anxiety, anger, tension and nervousness, and modern science has confirmed its effectiveness many times over. 

Ten Virtues of Incense

Sharpens sensitivity

Removes impurity

A companion in solitude

When plentiful it is never tiring 

Just a little is still enough 

Effectiveness unchanged with age

Cleanses body and mind

Brings full alertness

Adds serenity amid the day’s affairs

Regular use brings no harm

The effects and uses of incense and the values it brings us have been expressed as these

“ten virtues” since the sixteenth century. 
Kōsaidō inherits and pursues the traditional incense culture that has been passed down

in the ancient city of Kyoto, yet we don’t stop there.

We blend and create fragrances to provide a range of products that make daily life more vivid and rich and healing.  

Our shop is a quiet refuge, a block east of busy Hanamikoji street. 
Come rest with us when you are tired of walking around Gion


Kyoto Stick Incense

It is said that this incense smoke is a meal for the buddhas, a bridge between the other world and ours. The smoke is a thing to be cherished. We have low-smoke incense and short sticks to fit contemporary settings.Noshi wrapping strips for traditional memorial offerings are also available.



All of our richly fabricated incenses, from traditional standards and Kyoto specialties to contemporary scents, contain only natural ingredients with a sandalwood base. 

Incense Burners

Our Kyōyaki and Kiyomizuyaki incense burners are all handmade and hand-decorated by local artisans.
We also offer old braziers and unusual incense burners. 
Burning incense makes any room a perfect space.



These venerable items are with us after so many years thanks to the care with which they were treasured by previous generations. 
Encountering one, even on first view, may evoke feelings of memory or affection.

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Solid Perfume

Generously blended with oils such as beeswax, squalane and jojoba, these elegant perfumes are deeply moisturizing for the skin. 
The fragrances are selected to exude grace and elegance.
Take a bit on a fingertip, spread on the skin, and enjoy the scent. 



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Gion Niimi

Address: 570-125 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0074
Phone: 075-708-2877
Email: kyoiwai.niimigion@gmail.com
Hours: 11:00 – 19:00

Niimi is located in two of the premier sightseeing neighborhoods of Kyoto: 
Gionmachi Minamigawa, the thriving ancient pleasure quarter, 
and Ninenzaka, along the path to the world heritage site Kiyomizu Temple.  
Please drop in whenever you are near.

Our fragrances are all natural.


Antique incense burners are available.
Please feel free to visit.

We are happy to light samples.

Highly trained incense experts on staff.
Consult us about anything concerning incense.


Our natural fragrances are safe for babies and pets.

Most payment methods accepted.


Photography is allowed.


Pets welcome.


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  • 4-minute walk from Gion Shijo Station

  • 7-minute walk from Shijo Kawaramachi Station

  • 6-minute walk from Yasaka Jinja Shrine

Video of Walking Route

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